Modern Kitchen

Minimalistic kitchen with island in 11’ 9” by 13’ 6 ½“ area. Metallic Kitchen sink, Glass Kitchen cook top hood or chimney, tiled wall behind kitchen deck, electric sockets and plug points, double door refrigerator, false ceiling for better lighting, and simple decorations like photo … Continue reading

Slim Kitchen

12' by 18' area for this kitchen with breakfast table for 3, large refrigerator, separate kitchen sink area, Ceiling hanging lighting for breakfast deck. The kitchen is made below the living area to achieve more height (ceiling space) for better air flow and avoid over heated kitchen … Continue reading

Living Room

My own living room area is very peculiar in shape; it is like …. polygon, ha ha. But somehow, we managed it in such a way that it feels rectangular in shape and properly proportionate. I tried a modern concept for my living area in Sketchup and sharing with you. Download the model and see how can … Continue reading